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DiaSnacks: The Alternative to Unhealthy Sugar Habits


Type II Diabetes is a silent disease,every 10 seconds worldwide 2 people will be diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and 1 person will die of a Diabetes related illness. With 87 million Americans who are Pre-Diabetic and most not even knowing, it is crucial for people to reduce their intake of sugar and processed foods.

In order to stop this epidemic from growing we have created a project to source worldwide, manufacture and distribute low glycemic, nutritionally dense foods and beverages unavailable to the typical shopper, even in today’s health food stores. The DiaSnacks™ kit will be the healthy alternative to dangerous sugar habits. Distribution will be accomplished via specially trained healthcare practitioners offering it in their practice, and friends or family members interested in helping their loved ones who are at risk of becoming a diabetic via the FUN (Friends Understanding Nutrition) Movement. Our mission with the FUN Movement is to touch 1M Pre-Diabetics and help the world prevent the epidemic of diabetes from destroying lives and people's finances.


Reason for the Project:

My name is Al Pirnia, I am a health executive who became a Type II Diabetic, not because I had terrible food habits, but because I did not have access to tasty foods and beverages that had low sugar content. I set out to do something about this by building a kit of low-glycemic, conveniently packaged foods and beverages that will help people learn how to never become a diabetic, especially if they were a pre-diabetic. This endeavor has taken me 2 years to accomplish, working with a team where we researched and experimented ways to develop and discover products from all over the world that can help people make better choices to support healthy blood sugar. These healthy alternatives needed to not only be tasty and portable, but provide key nutrients typically deficient with people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. In our fast paced and automated society, finding low glycemic, nutritionally dense foods and beverages that are tasty is difficult for the average consumer.

The typical foods and beverages people eat, especially the processed and pre-packaged variety, are laden with sugar or simple carbs that spike blood sugar resulting in a rush of insulin that continues throughout the day. This constant spike in insulin over time, can result in people becoming insulin resistant whose side effect is elevated blood sugar, a symptom of Diabetes, which is now becoming a pandemic in America. My objective was accomplished with the launch of the DiaSnacks™ kit that provides 20 food and beverage items that are either specially formulated or sourced from far-away lands. I personally used the DiaSnacks™ food and beverages, and the information provided in the DiaSnacks™ manual to control my own diabetes without the need for any medication. DiaSnacks™ can become the alternative to high glycemic, sugar laden "on the go" food and beverages to help people make better food choices to support healthy blood sugar. DiaSnacks™ offers a delicious, portable, low glycemic snack, beverage, or meal for any lunch box, brief case, or purse. With our DiaSnacks™ launch, we are now kicking-off our FUN (Friends Understanding Nutrition) Movement with Indiegogo, whose mission is to touch 1 MILLION PRE-DIABETICS with DiaSnacks™.

The DiaSnacks™ kit will provide pre-diabetics with the “Greatest Gift of Health” which is to learn how to never become a Diabetic.  The value of the DiaSnacks™ kit is amazing as it includes:

  1. 20 food and beverage items
  2. A DVD that explains how these foods and beverages are to be used
  3. A Manual that enable anyone to find out the chances of being a pre-diabetic and reasons why people become a diabetic that no one is talking about
  4. The WICO® Wellness Score that looks at 15 health conditions, some of which maybe underlying the reasons why people become a diabetic
  5. A Consultation with a specially trained healthcare practitioner to interpret the WICO® Wellness Score results and make recommendations

A $262 value that is being offered for only $59

All items in the kit have NO MSGNO Artificial flavorsNO Artificial ColorsNo Artificial Sweetenersand are Gluten Free.

Our Goal

Our goal of $10,000 will help launch our FUN Movement to engage the public in our mission, and interest people to support our goals and objectives by sharing the message with their friends and family. We want to create a movement to involve all who are passionate and want to make a difference to prevent this diabetic epidemic from becoming a disaster for those affected. We also want to engage our followers to create a tribe of advocates to help co-create new products while sharing ideas on how we can reach our 1 million goal so as to stop this disease from spreading and taking the lives of our friends and loved one.

With a $59 or more perk you will be listed on our website as a backer and receive one of our DiaSnacks™ Kits. The kit includes the 20 food and beverage items, a DVD that explains how to use these foods and beverages, a manual that explains how toovercome unhealthy food habits, and other reasons why people become a Diabetic that no one is talking about. In addition, a personalized WICO® Score is offered and a consultation with a specially trained healthcare practitioner who can explain the underlying reasons for your WICO® Score number. We are counting on you to help us spread the word to reach ONE Million Pre-Diabetics and help them make healthier choices and be given the “Greatest Gift of Health”.